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Name:Beat of my Heart - Lyrics that change your life
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music; [Myoo-zik]
An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

[community profile] beatofmyheart is a community dedicated to lyrics and the power they can contain. Themes will be up sporatically, every few weeks or so, and may even be more than one, just to get the musical muse going in you! You can post lyrics using these themes, but it's hardly a rule for you to do so! If you've got music to share, just share it with us!

1. Please no addme posts. There are communities for that sort of thing.
2. Please respect all members of the community.
3. Please do not post your original lyrics, poetry or music in any fashion.
4. Please post lyrics under a cut.
5. Please offer the song title and artist so others know the source.
6. Please contact a moderator if you've any questions, comments, or concerns.

This idea was originally the concept of [personal profile] unholyheart, known as shattering on I in no way take credit for it's initial creation, I only wish to further the love of music.
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